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Tuesday, January 05, 2010
SBF gets a check from Trans-Siberian Orchestra

2:25 PM

Tuesday, December 29, 2009
2009 recap

I’m not sure what the real value of blogging is anymore. I post on Facebook form work and it’s seems like an easier, faster and more interactive way to keep in touch with listeners and friends.
However my wife Gina reminded me that not everyone is on FB and that I should still blog every now and again.

2009 has been a very happy year for me. I got married in June. I have two fun and loving step-kids. Our family got a new puppy, a Springer named Emme.
Gina is a dream and a true blessing in my life. She also turned out to be the answer to many prayers that were sent my way during the 2006 struggles.

As for the Chop Shop and Chop Shop Classic we are ending the year on 50 affiliates in the U.S. It’s a good feeling. We are not as big as HOH or Jim Rome but who would have thought this little kid from Flushing MI would be heard by nearly a million people every week.

On the Sabrina Black Foundation side of things, our non-profit corporation continues to pay bills for Michigan cancer patients in need. We adopted 3 new patients in 2009. Carol Rice, Robert Winerowski and Alan Pienta. All as of “press time” are doing well.

As for the book I’ve been working on for the last year or so, it’s coming along. I took a 3 month break in the summer to focus on my wedding and my new family but I and my author Chris A. are back at it now. We have the bones of the story written for the first 5 chapters and hope to have chapters 6 – 12 done before spring. At that point we’ll go back through from front to back and make sure everything is in the right place and as accurate as I can remember. The book is about the 9 Years I spent with my first wife Sabrina and her struggles with cancer. Her fight, inspiration and death and how I’m holding up on the other side.
That is most of the projects that I have as of now. I also continue to work part-time at WRIF.

Lets see: I run my own business (a syndicated radio show) a non-profit corporation, work part time at RIFF, I’m working on a book, I have a new wife, 2 kids (4 ½ and 10) 2 dogs and a cat. I guess that explains why I don’t make it out to the movies very often!

Happy 2010 everyone.
3:47 PM

Tuesday, September 29, 2009
The SBF Zombiefest video is up

3:13 PM

Tuesday, September 22, 2009
Help set the world record

We are teaming up with Darksyde Acres to set a world record for most Zombies in one location this Saturday!
Join us, call for details 517-549-5100.
20 dollars for all-night access, Live bands, auction items from Ted Nugent and Alice Cooper!

2:52 PM

SBF adopts a new patient

2:37 PM

Sunday, August 09, 2009
Chickenfoot Photos

A few photos I took last night at Chickenfoot.
9:02 AM

Tuesday, July 28, 2009
Kid Rock Weekend recap

7:58 PM

Monday, July 20, 2009
Kid Rock weekend in the D.

A good but long day at work.
Please keep in mind I’m not complaining here. I love my job and if I won the lottery someday, I’d still work in radio. It’s just in my blood.

10:30am – I arrive at the WRIF studio and get ready to rock the Motor City.

11:00am – My air-shift starts. During the next 4 hours I get to play plenty of Kid Rock and giveaway tickets to see Def Leppard.

2:45pm – I’m in the car and headed to the Fox Theatre downtown.

3:04pm – I pay the obscene $20 to park

3:14pm – My wife Gina and I check in with Howard at Capital Records and get a great spot to sit at the Alice in Chains listening party.

3:40pm – Alice in Chains arrive and talk to the select media members and take some photos.

3:55pm – We get to listen to the entire Alice in Chains CD “Black Gives Way to Blue”. The CD sounds great. All the heavy riffs and vocal harmonies you would expect from AIC, yet it sounds fresh. The recording and mix are crystal clear and everyone in attendance seems to feel like this is a special moment listing to the album with the band.

5:00pm – I make my way over to Cheli’s Chili for the rest of the per-show party…and test out 4 samples from the Chili cook off….extra yum!

5:30pm – between 5 and 7pm I walked around and greeted listeners and friends. I did a couple of breaks on the air with Suzy Cole, talked to Chris Chelios for a couple of minutes before crossing the street to Comerica Park.

7:15pm – I’m in my section 137 seats to catch most of the Cypress Hill show.

7:35pm – up to the concession stand for an Ice cream.

8:00pm – Alice in Chains rock the 40,000 plus people at the show.

8:50pm – I love Alice in Chains, but I’ve never liked the Rooster, so I leave during that song to send some emails and make a phone call.

9:15ish – Kid Rock puts on the show of his life. Kid was on fire and really delivered. Now having said that ALL of the men in the crowd thought coving the Jackson 5’s ABC was dull and very un-necessary. I’ve seen Kid 5 times and this was the best of the 5!

10:50pm – Oh crap! I’m supposed to be at the MGM to host the after party at 11.

11:05pm – I made it in to the V-night club and traded hugs and smiles with our guest DJ, Salam Wreck from Cypress Hill.

11:55pm – The rest of the Cypress Hill band arrives and meets the listeners.

1:10am – I’ve said my goodbyes and headed to the parking lot.

2:02am – 14 hours and 2 minutes after leaving for work I’ve made it home to get some sleep.
7:04 AM

Tuesday, July 14, 2009
Wedding photos w/o password

Here are some photos taken by Chris A. at our wedding on Mackinaw Island.

11:18 AM

Sunday, July 05, 2009
Ted Nugennt CD cover

Look who's on the cover of the new Ted Nugent CD/DVD.

It's WRIF's Christy Lee.

If you zoom into her right hip you can even see the WRIF tattoo.
3:57 PM

Sunday, June 07, 2009
Les Paul in the Hall

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Les Paul into the Chop Shop Hall of Fame.
Check out the free art work and all the details at
12:14 PM

Tuesday, May 19, 2009
Rock on the Range recap

3:53 PM

Sunday, May 17, 2009
Let ther be Rock (on the range)

Saturday at Rock on the Rage was crazy as usual. The 1st interview of the day was with Rikki Lixx of Rev Theory. Next up as my old pal Wayne Swinny of Saliva.
A few minutes after that I was escorted to Duff's tour bus to talk to him and his band Loaded. Duff was running late (imagine that a former member of Guns 'N Roses running late) and that made me miss my scheduled interview with All That Remains.
When I got back to the media tent, I sat down with Semear from Flyleaf.
The 5th interview of the day was with Pete from Chevelle, and then I finally got with Mike from All That Remains.
My 7th interview was with Black Stone Cherry, the nicest group of guys you'll ever meet. Then I talked with RJ from the band Hailstorm.
By 5:30pm it was time for my 9th interview (shown above) with Corey Taylor of Slipknot. It's the 2nd time I've talked with Corey and he's one of my favorites.
Next up was Alice in Chains, I talked with Jerry backstage for about 10 minutes...but he kept me waiting for 30 minutes...no big deal it's all park of the rock & roll world, but the guys in Atreyu were waiting for me.
I showed up almost 20 minutes late for my Atreyu interview and thank God they were still waiting for me. I told them why I was late and they were all smiles as they LOVE Alice in Chains.
At aroud 7:30pm I ran into the guys from Veer Union and that became my 12th and final interview of the day.
When I get back home this week we'll post a photo page of the entire weekend.
10:14 AM

Friday, May 15, 2009
Rock on the Range

It's Friday night. I've made it to Columbus, OH and am staying in the same hotel as Motley Crue.
I'll have lots of interviews and photos to post at wrif.com, and here on the blog as well.
9:21 PM

Tuesday, May 05, 2009
SBF/Teamsters Horsmen itchin' run

6:49 PM

Monday, April 13, 2009
NHL Predictions

It's time for my annual playoff predictions....Go Red Wings


Boston vs. Montreal
Always a fun series, but Boston wins it in6.

Pittsburgh vs. Philly
Pitt played well down the stretch but I like the Flyers in 7 games

New Jersey vs. Carolina
This is going to be a tight series. New Jersey and Brodour will win it in 5 games...all by 1 goal.

New York vs. Washington
The caps are my early pick to go to the cup...so Washington in 6.


Detroit vs. Columbus
It won't be easy, but you have to go with the experience of the Wings in 6.

Sharks vs. Ducks
The Sharks are the real deal....easy 5 game series

St. Louis vs. Vancouver
I believe in the Canucks, I'll take them in 6.

Calgary vs. Chicago
Most of the time I take the team with the best goalie....but not this time. I like Chicago in 7.
10:09 AM

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